Infosys erwirbt BASE Life Science mit Sitz in Dänemark für 10 Millionen Euro, um seine Präsenz in Europa zu stärken

Infosys gab am Mittwoch bekannt, dass es das in Dänemark ansässige Unternehmen BASE Life Science für 110 Millionen Euro (fast 900 Mrd. Rupien) in bar erwerben wird. Die Akquisition wird sich vertiefen Infosys‚ Expertise im Bereich der Biowissenschaften und stärkt seine Präsenz in ganz Europa. „Diese Übernahme erweitert die tiefgreifende Life-Sciences-Expertise von Infosys, baut unsere … Weiterlesen

Asus Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition Review: Poor Battery Life

Photo: Phillip Tracy/Gizmodo Special edition laptops rarely leave a lasting impression. Most add a new color scheme to an existing chassis or slap some hideous promo branding on the lid to entice fans of a popular movie franchise. Asus’ Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition isn’t one of those half-assed entries. In the 14X OLED, the … Weiterlesen

61 People Who Married The Popular Kid In School Are Sharing How Their Life Turned Out

My mom was the elite Atlanta debutante and lived a very cushy life at a budding Miami country club. Beautiful and very popular at the private school. My dad grew up on a farm in Virginia. They weren’t poor but they were definitely not refined. Eventually my father’s family made it down to Miami after … Weiterlesen

Person Receives Letter From Elderly Neighbor Detailing His Newly Found Happiness In Life Thanks To Him Being Asked To Babysit Their Pets

Hello, dear Pandas! It is me again bringing you wholesomeness and goodness that makes you reach for a napkin and curse at the onion ninjas. Today’s story is more of the same. An elderly neighbor sent a letter of thanks for letting him babysit some pets, as it brought him a new-found purpose in life. … Weiterlesen

30 People Who Came Back To Life Share What Passing Away Actually Feels Like

My husband was on life support in a coma, he was not expected to make it and had to be brought back multiple times. I was by his side, beyond distraught. He was by far the „sickest“ person in the ICU, too sick to transfer to another hospital. Other people who had family in the … Weiterlesen