Lenovo Glasses T1 With Micro OLED Displays, Built-in Speakers Launched: All Details

Lenovo Glasses T1 wearable private display was launched by the company on Thursday. The new smart glasses are a wearable display solution from the Hong Kong-based tech giant, and sport two Micro OLED displays for each eye, with a 1,080×1,920 pixels resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. The Lenovo Glasses T1 also feature built-in speakers … Weiterlesen

Meta Pay: Digital Wallet by Meta Launched to Facilitate Digital Payments in Metaverse

In the future, everything purchased in one part of the metaverse could be required to be available on another platform, with the same functions and traits. In a bid to facilitate this, Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new digital wallet service called Meta Pay. The digital wallet has started rolling out in the US, and … Weiterlesen