Folks Online Reveal 24 Things That Most Are Probably Not Ready To Hear

Expressing your opinions is pretty much essential as our community progresses and changes because of the thoughts that are being verbalized. For instance, when someone is afraid of voicing their concerns, it only takes one person’s bravery to encourage others to speak up and educate the world about the problem. 

There are billions of people with contrasting and sometimes even controversial views; it could be something silly or something quite harsh that not everybody would be bold enough to communicate. And despite our society being somewhat open to hearing people’s thoughts, it’s important not to confuse freedom of speech with ignorance:

TikTok user with over 384K followers started a trend on the platform and encouraged others to reveal the things that most would probably get a lot of hate for if they were to say them out loud. 

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Vatican Has Enough Wealth To Cure World's Hunger Twice

People are so furious at Amazon and Jeff Bezos for the wealth that they have when the Vatican is sitting there with enough wealth to cure world hunger twice and the Catholic Church is a charity.

Alex Ranaldi , allysmountains Report

Just Because They're Family Doesn't Mean You Have To Love Them

Family is not blood. Just because they’re family doesn’t mean you have to love them. Love is not a duty. Love is not an obligation. You love because it’s real and it’s coming from a genuine place. Blood is not an excuse. Blood is not an exception. Family is not blood.

Conall , bichqueenm Report

Once You Get Married, Your Partner Comes First

I already know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this. But once you get married, your partner comes first, even before your parents, if you’re not ready to put your wife before your mother, you’re not ready to get married.

meaduva , pushpeksidhu Report

Christians Are Often The Most Hypocritical And Intolerant People

Christians are often the most hypocritical, judgmental, intolerant people on this planet, hear me out. Let it be said that I believe in God and could be called a Christian. However, I see an awful lot of self-proclaimed Christians doing things that a God of love would most definitely not approve of. In an effort to keep this short, I will give you a „for instance“. You could feed a nation but unless you do it with a pure heart with the sole intent of helping out of pure selflessness, you’re not doing it for them. If you do this, just to post it to your Facebook wall and go, look what I did I helped all these people, I’m a good Christian. No, you’re doing that for you. God says go forth and spread the word, be the light, be the truth and speak it. Never does it say go cram it down people’s throats and berate them, judge them condemn them. Is it your place to condemn another? In the name of God? No. Now, if you are a Christian doing that, what are you really accomplishing except running off a soul that perhaps could have been saved if shown love and kindness? But instead, now they want nothing to do with a God because of your actions. That is incredibly sad, and it’s been a problem for millennia. Before I make this video entirely too long, I’ll end with this. If you are a Christian hand picking out pieces of the Bible to suit your needs and your agenda, should you really be calling yourself of God, a Christian of Christ? I think not. Because let’s move everything off the table except for this. Love one another. Berating others, judging others, condemning others is not of love period. Lastly, if what you’re doing in front of others in the day does not match with your heart in the dark and at night when you’re alone. Then this video may anger you, for that I apologize. But if that should be the case, perhaps you should look within as to why that is.

Max Benidze , iam_cat_chaos Report

Just Because You're Smart, It Doesn't Mean That You're A Good Teacher

Just because you’re smart, you have your masters or your PhD it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a good teacher.

Nathan Borror , geraldchu Report

Stop Telling People That If They've Never Been A Parent, They Don't Understand Unconditional Love

If you have to become a biological parent, meaning your DNA in a new human to understand and experience unconditional love, i,e. you have not experienced unconditional love for family members, friends, nieces, nephews, puppies, dogs, pets, any of those things. If you have to become a biological parent to experience unconditional love. That’s not unconditional love. That’s narcissism. You needed to see your DNA in another being and see yourself in order to love them. I would argue that parental unconditional love, biological unconditional love is the least compelling, unconditional love. Stop telling people that if they’ve never been a parent, they don’t understand unconditional love because you don’t either.

Ivan Radic , kathryn_hofman Report

There Is A Shortage Of Nurses At The Bedside Because Of Toxic Conditions

There is no nursing shortage. Nurses are plentiful. We’re 4 million strong in this country. One in every 100 people is a nurse. Nurses are everywhere. What there is, is a shortage of nurses at the bedside because they’ve left, because of healthcare administrators creating toxic, unsafe working conditions. But make no mistake about it. There is no shortage of the number of nurses. If conditions improved if we had mandated staffing ratios. If we had protections and legislation in place, nurses would return to the bedside. There is not a shortage of the amount of nurses. Be very clear. This is propaganda created by healthcare administrators to get away with s**ty staffing so they can save money at patients expense and at nurses expense, no nursing shortage.

Kyle Taylor , the.nurse.erica Report

Abortion Shouldn't Be Such A Big Deal

Abortion shouldn’t really be a big deal because when a fetus is inside of a woman, it doesn’t have any memories, concept of life or emotion. So why do we care? Women should be allowed to be shirtless in public without being sexualized or harassed. Children under 13 shouldn’t be allowed internet because they’re easier to groom manipulate and tend to give up personal information easier. There’s a huge difference between finding Asians attractive and fetishizing them because of anime and K-pop. I don’t support Trump. But Biden is not amazing. People care too much about teenage boys wearing skirts as if Black Lives Matter doesn’t exist. If you’re a person of color, you have no right to be homophobic because you face the same discrimination is them. And lastly, cats are better than dogs.

bfi Business Furniture Inc. , bitterboizcult Report

If Somebody Cheats On You, You Have To Leave Or Else They'll See You As A Weak Person

If somebody cheats on you, you have to leave because they will subconsciously see you as weak and a pushover for forgiving them. And they’ll either cheat on you again, or they will hurt you in some other way. So, if somebody cheats on you, the only option is to say f**k you and leave.

nate bolt , jomak79 Report

Teaching Your Kids To Not Degrade Others

Okay, this is for me and I’m really excited to tell you about the kind of mom that I am that I don’t think other moms appreciate. I would rather my little girls say things like f**k, than call somebody fat or say, oh s**t, instead of telling someone they’re ugly, like, use expressive words, that’s fine. You will not ever degrade anyone else or make them feel terrible about themselves. So yeah, if you hear my kid drop the F bomb. We’re probably not going to get onto them about it.

oldsoulnewkicks , USAG- Humphreys Report

Most Parents Don't Actually Know Their Children

Most parents don’t actually know their own children. I’ve been a teacher for many, many years of all levels except for early childhood. I’m also a parent of adults now, this is my experience. Parents will only really be proud of their children when they do the thing that they want them to do. What they don’t understand is that we as the strangers or the outsiders get to see the true personality of the child. Of course, that child or young person has to mask around narcissistic parents. And it’s always to do with ego because these people, these parents don’t work on themselves. And because they don’t work on themselves, they try to live the life through their kids to feed their own ego. I also know this from personal experience because I don’t really get to know my son’s personalities until they were much older and could express them openly. So ask yourself parent, are you only proud of your child when they do the thing that you want them to do?

Jacob Roeland , manawahine00 Report

Black Men Disrespect Black Women More Than Anybody Else

Black men, disrespect and talk s**t about black women more than anybody else on the damn planet. Even though black women praise and put black men here, black men don’t reciprocate that same energy. Now I know what you’re saying. No, not all men. I would never do that. Okay, I know not all men. But most of us really be doing that and I’m not going to act like I’ve never done it before, but still fight me.

Bold Content , dezz_lee Report

Having A Neighbourhood Of People You Don't Know Is Better

Having a neighborhood of people that you don’t even know is better than having a neighborhood of your own relatives.

sonictk , chardie4248 Report

Gryffindor Were Not The Chosen Ones, Ravenclaw Was

Gryffindor were not the chosen house or the chosen ones, Ravenclaw was. Because outside of Slytherin, Ravenclaw was actually the hardest house to get into. Because if you weren’t pureblood pretty much you would not get into Slytherin. And if the Sorting Hat did not detect at least an ounce of genius in you, you’re damn sure not getting into Ravenclaw. Gryffindor was only popping because of the Hermione Granger. Without Hermione Granger Gryffindor would not be s**t. I feel like people that are like oh Gryffindor, Gryffindor, Gryffindor – only watched the movies,  they did not read the books. If they did they would know Ravenclaws were the s**t. Yes, they love backstabbing towards each other. However, that’s just like, get over it. And Hufflepuffs were not losers, okay, the world would be a lot better if we had Hufflepuffs in this world.

Karen Roe , bubblingbrwnsugar Report

Looking At Looks First And Then Personality

When I tell people that I look at looks first and then personality. I don’t understand why so many people are pressed about this. It’s not like I’m saying I will sacrifice looks for personality. The world is big enough for me to find someone with better both worlds. It’s not just one. What’s wrong with that? And if you’re upset at me, then maybe you’re insecure about something. Think about it.

surtr , Billy Han Anime Report

Not Getting The Coronavirus Vaccine Immediately Is Not Anti-Vax

Not immediately getting the COVID vaccine because you don’t think there’s enough information about it and you want to be more informed about it is not anti-vax. And it’s not selfish. It’s not even anti the COVID vaccine. If you’re someone who’s gotten the vaccine, and you freak out because people want to be more informed before they get it, you’re being ridiculous.

alyssasquirrrel , Maryland GovPics Report

Women Who Hype Up Others Are The Most Toxic Ones

Majority of women that I have come across that are always like, yes queen, you go girl, women supporting women, build women up. They’re the type of girls that like always hyping people up on social media. Some of them are the most toxic people I have ever met.

cassieking92 , Leonard J Matthews Report

You Should Pursue Your Career Based On Money

I think you should pursue your career based on the money and not based on what will emotionally fulfill you. Let me explain. We put so much weight in having our careers fulfill us emotionally, professionally, spiritually. I mean, like, we think of our careers as synonymous with our identities. But what if you f**king hate your job? What if it’s just exactly that? What if it’s just a job? So would you rather pick a low paying job or a high paying job? If you’re let’s just assume like, there’s gonna be points when you hate your job anyway? Why not just pick a higher paying job?

401(K) 2012 , chloyorkcity Report

Body Positivity Is Profitable For Medical Industry

That’s profitable for the medical industry if the body positivity movement succeeds. In theory of the hospital industry sole purpose was for profit, having people be okay with being overweight is not that bad of an idea because then they’re at higher risk for treatable cancers and diseases in theory.

jcthecatalyst , contri Report


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